BLOCKCHAIN - More Than Just Cryptocurrency!

Friday, March. 01.2018

08:30 PM IST

Confused About Blockchain? IBC Academy Webinar Is Here to Explain

Join Our Webinar with Vishal Nigam,Chairman at Indian Blockchain Council and get more information on Blockchain.

The “Presenting Blockchain” online class, facilitated by the Indian Blockchain Counci Internet Initiative, gives an outline to the innovation and how it could be utilized for an assortment of purposes. Indian Blockchain Council is centered around blockchain in light of the fact that the framework offers layers of security that are essential to shielding data from being modified and stolen, particularly as more individuals handle cash exchanges and send private data from their cell phones.

Here’s what you can expect to learn:

  • What Blockchain is really is ?
  • Blockchain in reality and its adaption.
  • How to transform your career in Blockchain ?
  • Learn more about Indian Blockchain Council Academy Globally Recognized Blockchain Certificate.


About Indian Blockchain Council Academy

Indian Blockchain Council Academy aims to bridge the exponentially increasing gap between the world of Academia and the world of various institutions so as to educate them the pre-requisite knowledge about Blockchain Technology.

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