Blockchain Council Academy is organising Blockchain Bootcamp, a two-day bootcamp on the concepts of Blockchain across 13+ cities in India. It promises to get attendees up to speed on all aspects of blockchain, crypto-assets and smart contracts and all the attendees learn programming to develop blockchain applications.

The attendees cab anyone from students, to amateur blockchain enthusiast to even professionals who wish to learn more about the blockchain in a focussed way.

Bootcamp shall be taken care of leading contributors to blockchain technology in India who are members of Indian Blockchain Council

Course Curriculum

Section 1
Section A 00:00:00
Section B 00:00:00
Section C 00:00:00
Section D 00:00:00
Section 2
Section AA 00:00:00
Section BB 00:00:00
Section 3
Section AAA 00:00:00

    About Indian Blockchain Council Academy

    Indian Blockchain Council Academy aims to bridge the exponentially increasing gap between the world of Academia and the world of various institutions so as to educate them the pre-requisite knowledge about Blockchain Technology.

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