About Indian Blockchain Council Academy

The Blockchain technology will fundamentally transform the world; from world economy, national and international businesses and organizations, to societies and the individual. Technologies such as Blockchain are driving the fourth industrial revolution, according to Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum.

Indian Blockchain Council Academy strongly believes in providing the added value, the business potential and opportunities of the Blockchain technology and its applications to all the curious minds. Our purpose is to inform, educate and finally train everyone who wants to understand and learn about the potential of Blockchain technology.

The end goal of the academy is to organize all available information at the moment, form a clear picture of the technological world, educate how the technology actually works in practice and finally, inculcate practical skills for self-safe operations with Blockchain Technology.



Vision and Mission

We at Blockchain Council Academy envisage a world where the world will adopt blockchain in every field of life. From Payments systems to supply chain, from healthcare to even maintenance of law and order, everything shall be done with the help of blockchain.

We plan to train 10,000 individuals on Blockchain to strengthen blockchain community, in 2018. We plan to expand our reach to around 31 countries where the potential for Blockchain adoption is going to be really impactful. 

About Indian Blockchain Council Academy

Indian Blockchain Council Academy aims to bridge the exponentially increasing gap between the world of Academia and the world of various institutions so as to educate them the pre-requisite knowledge about Blockchain Technology.

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